Tenley Tych

AGE: 11

BIO: Ten always lived alone with her mother in a cottage outside of Irongate. She has no memory of her father or any other relatives (she has a music box that she believes her father left, but no evidence that was actually the case). Her mother’s past is also mostly unknown to her – Tenley believes she was a soldier once, just because of the amount of physical and martial training she placed Tenley through, but her mother never spoke much of her life before. When her mother wasn’t training Ten she often drunk herself into a stupor, so it fell to Tenley to take care of her by preparing meals and performing other household chores. Mother kept most people away so Tenley never got to interact with children her own age but sought escape through play and through books, as well as online. When her mother was murdered Tenley was denied the chance to ever reconcile or prove herself. She might have been killed herself, but was saved by Titania.

Pragmatic in a childish way (for example, doesn’t see the point of
spending a lot of time on the presentation of meals. It’s food – you’re
going to eat it, not hang it in a gallery). But she does like to sing
and dance on occasion, and a little arrogant as she
knows she has power and skills others don’t. She is also aware that her
upbringing was most unusual and has conflicting emotions about her
mother resulting in dour moods and angry outbursts. Kaya Cade describes her as ‘perpetually angry. Like a Dalek or something’, which most agree with. But in truth, what makes her most angry is injustice.

Abilities: Skilled in many types of fighting, as well as being
very resilient. After encountering Titania, Tenley is made into a
Changeling and possesses mega-strength, almost unbreakable bones,
healing and heightened senses.

Likes: Dinosaurs, animals, roaming, justice.

Dislikes: Anything pink or too cute or girly (at least she claims that). Injustice.

She’s a cocky, arrogant little thing, but she does have some pretty good lines:

“Do you know who I am, girl?”
“No,” Tenley shrugged, “do you know who I am?”

“What’s real is that if you don’t get out of my sensor range in the next ten seconds I will hurt you. A lot.”

“There’s no ‘I’ in team.”
“There’s a ‘me’,” Tenley pointed out. “And an ‘at’ and ‘tea’ and ‘meat’… I’m hungry. You all do whatever you want. I’m going to find something to eat, which is also in team.”

“I’d never wanted to hurt anyone either. Not really. I guess the universe just doesn’t care much what we want.”

“Cute. You brought sticks and stones to fight lightning.”

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