37. Vengeance for any character you feel you should talk about more? :D


Thank you so much, @toboldlywrite! Sorry I’m only getting to this now. And you know what? I don’t feel like I talk about my villains enough. So here’s a bit about Yvonne, the young woman who eventually ends up becoming host to the living personification of paranoia.

37. Vengeance

She’s spent so long in shadows, she cannot separate them from her skin.

Her parents’ came first and loomed the longest. Her father with his lifted chin and stubborn refusals. Her mother with her stiff-collared shirts and elegance. They smothered her in themselves. I am not you. I am not you. Her cries, her frustration, all fallen on deaf ears. 

Her brother’s shadow arrived on his thirteenth birthday, when magic rushed into his veins. Just like his parents. A mother and father kissed their son good-bye to fight the incarnations of human sins. Yvonne watched. She waited. She stared at pens and tried to make them move. She tried to pass her classes as he had. She failed at both.

Her sister’s shadow fell on her thirteenth birthday too, another flood of magic, another whisper of stars in the blood. A mother and father kissed their daughter good-bye to protect people from Great Storms in the northwest. They called her every week. They called Yvonne’s teachers even more.

Yvonne waited for her time. She waited for the power to descend like the gods’ blessing. It never came. Neither did anything else.

I am not you. She’ll shout it until they believe it. Then she’ll shove it down their throats until they choke with it, like she had before.

I feel bad for her, having all these expectations placed on her and wanting to break free. I don’t know how things will turn out but look forward to finding out.

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