Also, yes, I will be writing another edition of The Little Queen, my first original story that I published online.  I’ve made a lot corrections and small changes to it, but it still feels rushed and not nearly as good as it could be.  Particularly in the second half where I made a lot of cuts because I was weirdly obsessed with it not being more than 70,000 words.

Fortunately I have kept most of the original scenes.  So it’s matter of putting them back then going though and rewriting it – strengthening the themes, making the characters thoughts and motivations clearer, tweaking some dialogue.  There’s a couple of references I might change as I don’t think it’s clear they are references.  Also take out any time Jennifer is referred to as ‘the blonde’ (back then I thought I needed to avoid repeating the characters names too often).  All sounds easy, right?  But basically it’s just a new draft, but with extra bits that weren’t included before.  I’d like to show a little more of the antagonists too, as we hardly see them at all in the original.

The themes still are of course – everyone is screwed up by their parents somehow, and don’t let a rich asshole with a god complex mess around with genetics and stuff.  At least not without supervision.

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