So I got emailed by Inkitt.  It was a gmail address that didn’t contain the name of the company.  Just ‘I am a Marketing Manager at a publishing company.’  But it did have a name and a promise that ‘If you win we’ll spend a minimum of $6000 on your book marketing to get
‘Jen Air: Frontier of Forever’ into the top 50 on Amazon’ which after a couple searches allowed to deduce it was them.  Frontier of Forever incidentally is a silly Star Trek themed novella and not something I’d ever spend that much on advertising.

I expect the reason the email didn’t say who they were may be that Inkitt gained a bit of a bad reputation for spamming reddit and other forums with their contests.  They stopped that, and now I guess are just sending random emails.  Writers also have a lot of concerns about their contract, fearing they might be a scam or something akin to a vanity publisher.  I don’t know what to make of them, other than that I’m not really interested anyway.

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