Writing Update

I’m very happy with how things are coming along now. All of the characters are feeling much more fleshed out and developed, especially Sayuri who was kind of added in at the last minute in the original version as I realised I needed someone else to find certain information (her first appearance and that of the rest of the band in the bar is one of those that needs to be completely redone though as it was another scene that was rushed and waiting for later choices to be made so I know what I need to get across there). Anyway, drafts go up on a password protected blog on Tumblr so anyone can just let me know if they want a look. In the meantime, here’s another excerpt:

Sayuri had no idea what was going on but was going along
with it anyway. She remembered spending most of day working in the family store
selling some of the Halloween stuff that had been left over from Christmas and
painted black. Surprisingly good margins for it too, so she was very happy.
Then after taking care of the material, she’d gone to see Madame Lumina for the
spiritual and bumped into Kaya. Then there were screams and death and running
and after that things got really weird.

As she was piecing it all together she was aware that she
was out of the van standing on a hillock, looking down on what seemed like a
huge white slab that had fallen from the sky to crush most of the forest
underneath. There was also a brightly lit sign naming the place as The Stag
Corporation. Sayuri knew of it – it was a research and development firm that
had been around a little over thirty years – but she wasn’t sure exactly what
they did. Probably not even the people who worked there knew what everyone else
was doing as it was all very ultra hush-hush. There was another slogan on the
sign that read ‘turning fantasy into reality’.

More and more pieces fell back into place and Sayuri slowly
mouthed, “we shouldn’t be here…”

Kaya had been arguing with the blonde who’d rescued them.
Jennifer. Sayuri didn’t know what they’d been arguing about but Kaya’s
frustration was obvious even though she was doing a commendable job holding it
in. Now they were both looking to Sayuri silently asking her to elaborate.

Sayuri obliged. “Do you know who owns that
place? Meridiem.” Kaya squelched her face as she shook her head. “You know;
evil, shadowy, out of control mega-corporation born straight out of Marxist’s
nightmares?” It actually wasn’t too surprising not to have heard of them as
they conducted most business through the many subsidiaries they purchased, like
Stag Corp. “We’re talking private military, assassins, and whole colonies of
lawyers just so if they can’t kill you they’ll sure as hell find a way to make
your life unlivable. Whatever you’re thinking about doing here you should
probably think again.”

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