There are a lot of characters in Irongate – as I’ve been writing I’ve
been developing the town more and more. Here is a list of the characters
who appear, however briefly, in my current WIP, with a quick
description… in fact I’ll have to split it into three parts; good guys,
bad guys, and others. Here are some named minor characters, or characters that only appear in a scene or two but may have a bigger role in the future (if they’re still alive):

Stan Greif – Owner of The Mill, a nightclub in Irongate. A squat, bald, little bulldog of a man, who many suspect is a criminal. Even so he’s tolerated because he’s less bad than others who might take his place.

Amara – Bartender at The Mill. Also is studying neurology at Irongate University. Not psychology, but people keep asking her for advice anyway.

Shep, Oliver Harris, Dale Porter, Miranda, Will, Rhys – Sam Pope’s gang. They all worked in security, but accepted extra work at the behest of Pope. Sam Pope seems to have a relationship with Miranda, Rhys trains dogs, while Will is the only one who expresses any guilt for what they did.

Madame Lumina – She calls herself a witch and medium, but most see her as really just a showwoman who charges through the roof.

Ashley – Always hangs around Candace Mullin, but rarely speaks. In face, despite having known her for years Kaya really knows very little about her. Her relationship with Candace seems similar to that of a Pilot Fish and a Shark.

Celia Simpson – A ‘changeling’. Unlike Tenley, who retains her own mind and personality, Celia is just a drone with no will of her own. It seems that when Titania wishes to, she can see through the eyes of a drone and other creatures she’s infected.

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