Best invention of all time?

It may be a bit obvious, but I’m going to say the best invention ever is the wheel.

Why? Because it works. I mean really works. iTunes I can’t get my head around after the last update, but wheels still do their job. A single wheel, of course, always survives an explosion – the rest of the vehicle gets obliterated, but one wheel always rolls away. Why? Because wheels are awesome.

It angers me in science fiction when they portray a future that seems to lack wheels. Instead everything just hovers, because sci-fi writers imagine the zenith of all science and technology is just taking the same things we have now and making them float in the air. Hover cars, hover skateboards, hover fish bowls, hover book shelves. But if one of those hover things malfunctions or runs out of energy the whole thing is going to come crashing down. Know what doesn’t have a problem like that? Wheels. Wheels are awesome.

This post was brought to you by the Wheel Appreciation Society of Portsmouth.

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