The Little Queen version 2.0

The Little Queen was the first original novel that I self-published about 2 years ago now (technically, Jen Air: The Little Queen, but I don’t know if I’m going to keep that as a series title).  It was rushed, not properly, and I feel is a bit draft-y.  I mean I did fix a lot of errors and a lot of people told me that they liked it, but beyond thst I got very little feedback from anyone at the time.

Still, I think it does have good ideas and good characters, so it deserves to be finished properly.  So I am rewriting it.  Most of the prose will be rewritten and there will be big changes to second half of the book which was particularly rushed and stripped down from what I had originally intended.

It seems like on most ebook stores I might be able to release the new version as an update to the original with little problem.  Amazon might be a little trickier as with them it’s not just a simple of uploading a new version – you usually have to contact them giving examples of what you’ve changed, and they decide whether to let people who have already got it get an update or not.  It might be best just to remove the old version from sale and release a new one.  It would give me a chance to correct some more things on Amazon, like my author name (it’s just ‘J Coutelier’ there whereas everywhere else it’s ‘John Coutelier’), and I could give for free for at least the first week.  Although that would mean enrolling in KDP Select meaning I’d have to wait 90 days before I can release anywhere else…

Anyway, if you do want to check out the original version, I recommend getting it from Smashwords where it’s pay what you want.

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