The Little Queen – Prologue

I’m rewriting my first novel, The Little Queen. I am still working on Asterion as well, but I’m at a point in that where it makes sense to rewrite the first one as well as I long wanted to in order to tie some things together (it might be much progress on the sequel for a while as obviously I want to get this done first).  Anyway the original was very rushed and needed a couple more drafts, so there might be more edits as well as proofreading, but in general this is how the new prologue will look:

Part OnePart TwoPart Three

It is quite long  – I think about 8000 words or something. But then it is introducing characters and themes not just for this story but a series, as well as lots of other things to be referred to later.

Also, I somewhat regret titling it ‘The Little Queen’ as it turns out I actually struggle sometimes to pronounce the word ‘queen’, or qweem, qreen… whatever.

As I’m effectively redoing everything I’m also wondering about a series title.  Originally it was just ‘Jen Air’, because that’s what Kay sometimes calls Jennifer and she’s kind of a detective/investigator, and usually detective stories just use the name of the detective. But there is also a company that makes kitchen appliances that I believe is Jenn Air (with two n’s), and I’m wondering if, since she lives in a lighthouse, I ought to work that into the title somehow.

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