TAG GAME – Compare yourself to your character.

Tagged again by @tcstu​ . I’ll do this for Jennifer Airhart from my current WIP, since I feel in some ways she’s the most similar to me (I’ve certainly drawn from some of my experiences while writing her), just not that many. We’re a different sex for one thing.

Rules: Bold
the option that applies to your character, not you. So, if you’re the older one
and your character is younger, bold younger.


Age: Older | Younger | Same

Race: Same | Different

Sexuality: Same | Different (in truth Jen’s sexuality is not brought up in the current story – well, it kind of is once but she doesn’t confirm anything – so nothing is canon yet, but neither of us actively look for a partner or relationship).


Hair color: Same | Different
Hair Length: Shorter |
Longer | Same
Hair Style: Same |
Eye color: Same | Different
Taller | Shorter | Same
Weight: Less | More | Same


Introversion Levels: Higher | Lower | Same
: Higher | Lower | Same
Hogwarts House: Same |
Opinion of Self: Higher | Lower |
Other’s Perception: Same |
Talkativeness: More | Less | Same

tcstu mentioned you in a post!


My muse and I like the same music. | We share a talent. | We have the same
hobbies. | We like the same books. | We watch the same shows. | We’re both big
fans of the same thing.
| We have the same favorite color. | We have the same
favorite food. | We have the same job. | We have the same goals in life. |
We live in the same country. | We live in the same state/province/etc. | We both
live in a city/suburb/etc. | We have the same fashion sense. | Our
friends are similar. | We both look for the same qualities in a love

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