Find the Word Tag Game

Tagged by @tcstu with the word ‘soon’. The first instance in my current WIP was in this paragraph:

‘Jennifer laid back, also happy. But the sun had dipped under the horizon about eight minutes ago, and soon what little was left of it’s light would disappear as well. They were out a few hours past the time they’d been told to return, and a couple of miles from where they were told they could roam. They were high in the hills surrounded by deep, dark woods, with the town of Irongate brightening the valley below. It was likely her father had already called the police and in the midst of organizing a search party for them.’

And here’s another:

‘And so soon they were out in the corridors again. White, odorless, sterile – Kaya just trusted that Jen had downloaded some map and had some idea where she was going. A few scientists passed them by. Kaya was worried that she might draw some attention in here with her creatively dyed hair, but it turned nerds could look just like regular folk. Who knew. She was more worried now that Jennifer would give them away – whenever anyone looked in their direction she avoided eye contact with them, looking awkwardly at the wall or floor. The last way you wanted to look while committing a crime was guilty, but they had already gotten one or two suspicious glances.’

I’ve been gone most of last week and have a lot of messages and emails to catch up on, but anyone who likes can have a go searching their WIPs too as well.

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