Star Trek Dreams

On occasion I have dreams clearly ‘inspired’ but whatever movies, video games, or TV shows I’ve been absorbed in lately.  Like the one where I travelled through time to collect and compare Pepsi from different eras.  As I’m excited about Star Trek’s fiftieth I figured I might as well share some Trek inspired dreams I’ve had.

It’s short.  Just one scene really, and could almost be fanfiction if I hadn’t just dreamt it.  Captain Picard is in the observation lounge on the Enterprise-D negotiating with a newly encountered alien race.  He is seated at one end of the table with Riker stood next to him, and at the opposite end are the Cylons (old seventies style Cylons).  Unfortunately it seems the Cylons aren’t really interested in negotiation and one of them reaches for a blaster.  Apparently Riker was already carrying a Phaser as he reaches it first taking the toaster town.  Probably fair to say that an aggreement wasn’t reached after that.

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