If scales do look better in media, or at least in CGI, it’s just because it’s technically far easier to realistically animate an animal with scales than with feathers or fur or other parts that move around a lot as they do (in the Walking With Beasts making of bits, for example, they talk about how it was far more of a challenge recreating mammals than reptiles). Technology is better now, so hopefully the day will come when kiddies grow up seeing feathered dinosaurs as the norm.



The technology’s been there for a while… Several years. at least by JW if not JP3 properly feathered dinosaurs have been technically possible.

~ Ryuu

The technology is good enough now.  The only things preventing it is stuff like budget, time constraints, and unfortunately, laziness.  But the nature of these things is that the technology will keep improving and getting cheaper and easier, so you’ll start to see more and more feathers (and hair and fur) not just in movies, but in much lower budget TV shows as well.

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