Stag Corp (worldbuilding spoilers for my WIP)

Founded thirty years ago by entrepreneur Alvin Stag, Stag Corp is a research and development company whose mission statement is to make fantasy into reality. Alvin Stag was friends with Jonathan Airhart who came to him with Project ELF (Engineered Life Form). This involved building a Mother Machine Рa computer on which is written a genetic code, which is then planted into a synthetic cell and can grow into any type of lifeform imaginable. Although they had some success in creating Syn and bioluminescent mushrooms, most of the work since then has focused on simple, single-celled organisms. The work also took a step back when Jonathan Airhart was summoned away by the company’s shareholders in Meridiem and then disappeared. The company has since branched out into many other areas of research.

Notes: Alvin Stag, whose name of course literally means elven stag, is a reference to fairy king Oberon. To allow more complex organisms to grow, the company also made Crystal Eggs – artificial wombs that can absorb energy from various sources to help the creature within grow. Meridiem put a stop to the later experiments after Diana/Titania proved impossible to control, but seeing potential simply demanded that they start over from the beginning.

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