A few of my favourite things… old PC game manuals

Yes, just a bunch of very old PC game manuals and stuff I still have for some reason.  And I do still have discs for most of these, and quite a few others as well which maybe I’ll show later.  But sadly, not the original boxes they all came in.  There’s a reason for that – she’s called mum.

Actually the First Encounters booklet isn’t a manual; it’s another collection of short stories.  I might as well stick it in the Elite II box.

Dungeon Keeper forever!

I’m pretty sure I still have all the discs for it, although they weren’t in the same box I pulled most this other guff out of.  Although I also have it on GOG… really great games though.  There’s a game called ‘Dungeons’ you can get on Steam which I guess is somewhat similar, but… I don’t know.  I guess maybe I’ve too much of a soft spot for the original.  I’ll have to beat that out of myself.

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