A few of my favourite things… PC games

So, here’s just a big selection of PC games of various ages.  Let’s see if there’s anything worth writing a note about…

Well, the case with ‘IN FLIGHT MANUAL’ written on it is a game called ‘Hardwar’, which was a flight/combat/trading sim set on Saturn’s moon, Titan, where you fly around in a vehicle called a Moth and basically you just want to trade and fight your way up to better Moths.

Top right, underneath the Settlers III, is a game called Iron & Blood, which was an old Advanced Dungeons & Dragons themed fighting game.

That’s not the musical War of the Worlds on CD again… that’s an actual game based on it, where you got to play as either the British or the Martians and fight over Britain.  Obviously, much more fun to play as the Martians.  I recall it was very difficult to make it run last time I tried.

Bottom left is Douglas Adams ‘Starship Titanic’, which just recently came out on GOG.

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