So what would you do differently if you wrote The Little Queen again now?

I believe I’ve already answered this question several times before, but basically I rushed it.  For me, I just desperately wanted to break with my tradition of never getting any fic finished, so yeah, I rushed it just to have something out there. I’ve mentioned too that for some weird reason I decided I couldn’t go over 70,000 words for the whole thing.  Some parts could have done with me going over them a bit more. 
And some scenes I had planned were severely cut down.

But the ideas are good, I think, and the characters are decent.  I’d have liked to have shown more of the villains and their motivations – as it is, we only really glimpses of most of them.  There may be opportunity to explore at least some of them more in the future.  I’ve considered going back and writing a new ‘extended edition’ to do all that.  But I’m the middle of writing a second novel and want to get that finished first.

Also, hire a proofreader.  Don’t rely on anyone you know to do it, because they won’t.  That may only apply to me though.

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