Signs of Asperger Syndrome

I mentioned some time back about having been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome.  People thought I was depressed so I went to see a doctor, who sent me to a psychologist, and it turned out I wasn’t depressed I was actually autistic.

So anyway, I’ve been learning more about it.  Here are some of the common signs of Aspergers:

  • Problems socialising
  • Difficulty in communicating
  • Normally withdraw around others

All a definite check for me.  I hate going out to places like pubs and clubs.  I hate having lots of friends and relatives over at once… my head just can’t handle all the white noise and I end up shrunk in a corner listening to the bubbles in my drink and wondering if it would be too impolite to leave yet.

  • Limitations in imagination and creative play

Not so much for me I feel.  I did always used to play make believe games as a kid and until I was really far too old to keep doing it.  And when I’m withdrawn I tend to be retreating into my own little worlds.  But it’s a spectrum, so let’s see what else…

  • Special knowledgeable interests
  • Repetitive interests or behavior

When I become interested in a thing I tend to become very absorbed in finding out everything about it.  After a while I usually move on to another thing, although some stuff recurs a lot.  Usually anything science related will hook me for quite a while, but I become interested in lots of other things as well, like folklore and mythology and the paranormal, or ancient history.

  • Dislike any change in routines

I suppose.  I remember when my work changed offices.  It basically just moved down the road, but… I didn’t like it.  I’d just gotten used to buzzy things and the elevators at the old place, and now there’s a new place and secretary I have to talk to…

  • Appear to lack empathy

This is most likely true of me.  I’m not good at all at showing how I really feel about anything.  I know when other people are sad or angry around me, but I just don’t know what to do about it so I tend to just be quiet. That sometimes helps.

  • Have unusual facial expressions or postures

Maybe. I don’t know.  People tend to comment on me being too laid back as I tend to really slouch when I sit.  Really slide back into that chair.

  • Have delayed motor development

Yeah, I was terrible at sport when I was young.  Even catching things I wasn’t very good at.  But I suddenly got a lot better in my teens.

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