remember that episode of ds9 where they cloned a man just to solve a murder case and then arrested the original and sent the copy out into the world like “all your memories are fake and you have no social security number or money have fun surviving in the world lmao”

I remember the fist episode when they’re fighting the Borg and have to evacuate the civilians from the ship that’s about to blow up… you see all the families being rushed to escape pods, including one little girl, and Ben of course has to rescue Jake and his wife.  But, really, Star Fleet, you knew you knew you were going into battle against the greatest threat ever to the federation, and you didn’t think to evacuate all the children from your ship first?

TO BE FAIR I think his ship wasn’t too near the line of fighting and they weren’t expecting anything to get that far (orrrrrrr I’m remembering it wrong and they were specifically moved there in which case, wow, what a super dick move)
at the first moment they realized “wow, okay, there is a new threat and it is highly aggressive and it is advancing with the express purpose of seeking out our ships and causing harm” they REALLY SHOULD HAVE PRIORITIZED PROTECTING CIVILIANS
move those types of ships away!!! evacuate non-officers!!! be preemptive and save lives!!!!

It’s the Battle of Wolf 359, so yeah that fleet had been assembled by Admiral Hanson to attack the Borg and try to stop them reaching Earth.  Maybe they didn’t have time to evacuate everyone… although I don’t see how hard it could have been to get them into shuttles and escape pods since they do that when the ship is about to blow up.  I think the whole idea of having families on board ships in the first place, which came from TNG, when they know those ships could be called into battle against dangerous enemies at any moment was kind of silly.

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