SETI & Sci-Fi

SETI, the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence, has been going on for some now.  I sometimes wonder, if they ever did make contact with an actual civilization out there, obviously it will be a momentous occasion and most important day in the history of humanity, but it might be quite bad for science fiction writers.  I’ve never written anything with aliens but I suppose I might in the future, but who’s gonna want to know about fictional alien races if there’s the real thing?

I suppose it’s often the case with science fiction that it often doesn’t age very well because real science gets ahead of it and those ideas are proven wrong or replaced with new ones or new discoveries.  And I suppose we still enjoy stories about elves and fairies and dragons even though most of us know that none of those things exist nor have they ever existed.

Still has me a bit worried over some ideas I’d been considering turning into novels in the future, so I’m off to California for a bit of sabotage and maybe gather together some others who work in or are fans of the genre to ensure the truth never gets out there.

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