Inside Out

I finally got to see the movie Inside Out.  There was also some kind of religious holiday or festival going on… seems to happen every year, so who cares.  Movies only come out on blu-ray once… unless there’s a special edition or something in the future.   Anyway, I quite liked it.  The movie that is, although it did leave me wondering a few.

It’s probably not spoiling anything to say it’s about these little people who live in this girl’s brain I guess, each of whom represents an emotion, although each whom also seems to be a fully cognizant being in their own right.  So, obviously you start to wonder if they have little people in their heads dictating their actions, and if so do the little people inside the little people’s heads have even littler people inside them?  Kind of like Russian Dolls, but does it go on and on like that forever or after so many levels do you arrive at the one being at the heart of it all, the only truly sentient and conscience being in the universe?

And then I remembered it was just a movie.

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