Put another chapter of Asterion up on my password protected tumblr for beta readers (if you might be interested yourself, just message or send an ask).

I say chapter – more like a scene.  Wjem I put the final version together I expect I’ll join together some chapters, but for the purpose of beta reading I’ve divided things up a bit more.

Anyway, Kaya has decided to have an impromptu day out, dragging Jennifer along with her (she thinks she can help Jen get used to people again).  So they’ve gone to meet Sayuri working in her family store.  Here’s a small snippet:

“Dad wants me to put a poster in the window about the high
quality handmade furniture we just got in.”


“Well he screwed it together using his hands, so…”

“Bit dishonest, isn’t it?
Why’s he making you do that?”

“Because,” Sayuri sighed as she rolled her eyes toward them, “Goebbels wasn’t available.” She blinked a few times as she took in Kaya’s patchwork
outfit.  “Why are you dressed like a bad
nursery rhyme?”

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