So apparently “the biggest twist ever to happen in Star Wars” is going to happen in Last Jedi which has a lot of people freaked, so here are some happy predictions for what it could be!

  • Kyle Ron was adopted, meaning he’s been proud of Vader being his grandfather for no reason 
  • Luke reveals he was in love with Han and the fact he failed the man he loved and his sister was why he left
  • Padme didn’t actually die, she’s still alive
  • Leia is shown using the force (not actually a twist but some execs might see this as a twist)
  • Snoke is actually teeny tiny in person. Is this the biggest twist ever? No. But I want it so bad

Palpatine is alive!  He’s been hiding out in the same small town where all villains whose plans have been undone end up.  He’s neighbours with Ming the Merciless and Skeletor and has set up a small business making all those ‘Sith Happens’ bumper stickers (he hates them – he does it just to punish himself).

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