Okay… so, I just got some criticism for the following line in my story. Kaya is trying to convince Jennifer to believe her story about faeries, to which Jen replies:

‘It’s not enough just to believe. People can believe very strongly in
all kinds of things that are wrong, like ghosts, or miracle cures, or
white supremacy…’

I think in the scene her meaning is clear – it’s just plain foolish to believe everything you’re told or even see as senses get things wrong all the time, and some beliefs are actually very harmful.  But someone has asked me to remove ‘white supremacy’ from there, as that makes it political. Now obviously I try to take on board all criticism, but in this case I feel pretty comfortable in giving my characters a firm anti-nazi stance.

I guess some white supremacists won’t want to read my work, but you know what? I’m fine with that. If you’re a white supremacist, my writing will not be for you, as I think you’re a moron and I don’t want you within a hundred miles of me or my work. In fact I don’t want you anywhere. I’d have far more sympathy for anyone offended by ghosts being put in the same category as the absolute nonsense and drivel you believe.

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