The Little Queen – Chapter One (excerpt)

Right, from now on I figured I would just post excerpts from each chapter of The Little Queen as I go through revising it. So here is an excerpt from chapter one:

The other sergeant, Daramy, sat in the front and must have noticed the prisoner fidgeting with a small sharp object. “What is that?” He asked.

“Just a necklace,” she leaned forward and held it up to the partition. “See? It’s an old stone arrowhead. Nothing for you to worry about, dibble.”

“Is it like a good luck charm?”

“Not working very well if it is,” Kaya slumped back in her seat. Jennifer had said it protected the wearer from evil magic but she didn’t know if that had been working either. Kaya didn’t remember ever being cursed, but it would explain a lot. Maybe Jen had cursed her, and to be honest Kay wouldn’t have blamed her now either. She just wished she knew what she had to do to get the curse lifted.

“Well,” Sergeant Francis Daramy sighed, “I have always believed that a person makes their own luck. Like when my mother needed money she had us all flood the garage so she could get money back for all the things we had in there.”

Kaya squinted into the mirror and after a seconds thought unrolled her tongue. “Riiight… I think… I think that might have been a crime.”

“How do you mean?”

“Well, it sounds a lot like insurance fraud, which is a quite serious crime.”

“Technically, I suppose,” the sergeant hunched his shoulders. “But, no one was hurt, so…”

“Right,” Kaya blinked. “How exactly did you become a cop? Did you just find a badge in a packet of cereal or something?”

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