Okay… I got back from my health assessment thing and it wasn’t too bad.  They just asked a few questions like ‘has anything changed since we last saw you’, to which the answer was no, pretty much still have Asperger’s.  Of course they were asking about my health; how often do I sleep, eat, wash, brush teeth, etc (I have to be reminded to do most of those things).  How am I at going out and talking to people (like doctors, empoyers etc)… I mean, when I have an appointment and know where I’m going and who to ask for, I can usually drag myself there.  I guess it’s when it’s less formal, like at a fair or convention, that I have issues as I am very bad at approaching people to ask for help.  I don’t know if I made all this and other issues clear to the person I was talking to… but I guess we’ll see.

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