Your OC finds out that you are their creator. How do they react?

Kaya:  Wait… you’re saying that guy is basically god?  Him?  But he’s a dweeb…

Jennifer:  The evidence does seem to suggest that, yes.

Kaya:  So all the holy wars throughout history, all the burnings, the torture… it’s all been because of some loser who didn’t have a social life and made the universe up just to stop himself from getting bored?

Jennifer:  Well… I-I’m not sure about that, but…

Kaya:  But all the crap that’s ever happened to us.  All the stuff with our parents, the constant stream of monsters, mad scientists, and assorted other psychopaths we’ve run into, that’s all on him, right?

Tenley:  Can I kill him?

Jennifer:  I don’t know if that would be wise…

Kaya:  Yeah… if he dies, does that mean we’d cease to exist?

Jennifer:  Maybe.  Which is why we must do everything we can to convince him to stop drinking so much coffee and start leading a healthy lifestyle.

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