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Reblog this if you are a writer of fiction.

Particularly: LGBT, science fiction, speculative fiction, literary fiction, short stories and flash fiction.

We’ll check you out and follow you! 

Short stories that could be called speculative and sometimes literary here. 🙂

paranormal romance/urban fantasy with lots of LGBTQIA+ characters, cuz of course! I’m bi/pan after all.

Ace fiction with some vague notions of lesbian sci-fin and handfuls of flash fiction.

Hi! Yes! That’s me! 

Currently working on a cyberpunk/dystopian novel featuring a number of LGTBQ+ characters. 

I also write short stories and flash fiction from time to time. 

Sci fi, fantasy, and LGBTQ+ all the way! I just started my blog though, so there isn’t much to see.

We’ve followed you all! Looking forward to reading your writing. There’s still time to submit to our anthology of short stories if you’re interested – our deadline is tomorrow 15th March.

I think mine is SciFi/fantasy. I know it’s fiction for sure.

LGBTQ+, usually horror, thrillers, and urban fantasy!

I’m writing a sci-fi with themes and motifs from mythology and folklore. And a lighthouse, so if you’re a fan of lighthouses this is the place to go to get your lighthouse fix because Jennifer lives in a lighthouse.

NB: The lighthouse isn’t actually in the story very much.

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