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1. Short stories,
novels, or poems?

Novels. Although I would like to get into writing some more
short-form fiction again. When I’ve finished what I’m working on maybe.

2. What genre do you
prefer reading?

Science Fiction, Fantasy and Comedy.

3. What genre do you
prefer writing?

Science Fiction.

4. Are you a planner
or a write-as-I-go kind of person?

I plan the basic structure of the story and the
characters, but don’t plan everything scene-by-scene. In fact in the current
draft I basically have rushed through one chapter because I know I want
something to happen there, but I’m going to wait and see what happens later before
deciding exactly what that something should be.

5. What music do you
listen to while writing?

Movie soundtracks if I want to set a mood. They’re
engineered to give you certain feels after all.

6. Fave books/movies?
Not necessarily my faves, but I would say the books that
have influenced me most are Lords & Ladies by Terry Pratchett (it was the
first Discworld novel I read), all the sci-fi novels by Jules Verne and HG
Wells, and Folklore Myths And Legends of Britain (a Reader’s Digest reference
book that is probably the oldest book I still have).

For movies, probably the original Alien, Robocop, Back To The
Future, and A Dog’s Purpose (what? I can’t just like nice things?)

7. Any current WIPs?
One novel. There’s a link to a little blurb at the top of my

8. If someone were to
make a cartoon out of you, what would your standard outfit be?

Jeans, blue shirt with coffee stains, glasses, and the
slightly mad look of someone who hasn’t slept properly in days.

9. Create a character
description for yourself:

Hasn’t slept properly in days.

10. Do you like incorporating
people you actually know into your writing?

No. Maybe certain traits might be taken from people I’ve
encountered but I never base a character entirely on a real person.

11. Are you
kill-happy with characters?

If I kill a character then that was always their purpose in
the story. It’s never for shock value or just to advance the plot of a male
protagonist (I don’t actually have any male protagonists right now anyway).

12. Dream job?

13. Coffee or tea
while writing?


14. Slow or fast

I know I can write fast, when I really want to. So most of
the time I guess I just don’t really want to.

15. Where/who/what do
you find inspiration from?

I read science magazines and listen to podcasts.

16. If you were put
into a fantasy world, what would you be?

Maybe just someone who has a small magic shop adventurers
come to. But remember if these scrolls fail to prevent you being turned to
stone I give no refunds.

17. Most fave book
cliche? Least fave book cliche?

I like slightly mad scientists who build ridiculous things
in their garage out of rubber bands and old calculators. I don’t like prophecies
because they’re not really prophecies they’re just the author telling you what
will happen.

18. Fave places to

I do most my writing at my desk. I’m considering investing
in a new laptop so I can into the garden (when it isn’t snowing or raining of

19. Fave scenes to

Long hyperbolic rants about something silly.

20. Most productive
time of day for writing?

Late night/early morning.

21. Reason for
I’ve just always enjoyed listening to and telling stories.
And honestly the most exciting thing that happened to me in my childhood was we
got a warning that a fox might be roaming the neighbourhood. Never saw it

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