Lazy Writing Tips




Here are some writing tips that no good writer should ever listen to (feel free to add your own):

You want your characters to have depth and complexity, but that can be a lot of effort so here’s a workaround – just make them cynical instead. A lot of people won’t know the difference.

Remember to make your MC and love interest fight a lot, because fighting = passion.

Don’t bother with research because your story is really just about the drama, not the history or the science or whatever.

Never write a second draft. You’ll lose the creative energy you had in the first.

Also, you have to write EVERY DAY. Every day. Don’t ever take a day off ever. 

Said is dead. If you put the word said in your story, you should delete it. 

Readers like characters they can identify with. Make sure your character is just like everyone else on the planet, otherwise no one will read your book.

Your character has to be unique to be interesting. Give them some cool powers and make all the other characters say how cool they are. That’ll do the trick

Never use one word when ten will do! A multifarious and inessentially verbose vernacular will distract readers from all the short comings in your work.

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