Lazy Writing Tips




Here are some writing tips that no good writer should ever listen to (feel free to add your own):

You want your characters to have depth and complexity, but that can be a lot of effort so here’s a workaround – just make them cynical instead. A lot of people won’t know the difference.

Remember to make your MC and love interest fight a lot, because fighting = passion.

Don’t bother with research because your story is really just about the drama, not the history or the science or whatever.

Never write a second draft. You’ll lose the creative energy you had in the first.

Also, you have to write EVERY DAY. Every day. Don’t ever take a day off ever. 

Said is dead. If you put the word said in your story, you should delete it. 

“Don’t use italics to show emphasis on a word” and “You shouldn’t have to explicitly say x because the reader should know, if your writing is good” are both some I hear quite often

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