I love watching shows like Ancient Aliens.  Even though I don’t buy any of the claims made for a second, I still find it fascinating to watch and at the very least I’m impressed with the imagination of people.  Although, pretty much it’s just any kind of gap in our knowledge or a thing historians or archaeologists aren’t sure about, then it must be… ALIENS!!!

I’ve watched many of those kind of shows, and often hear the narrator say things like, ‘Is it possible that alien wormholes are responsible for the disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle?’

Yeah… it’s possible.  It’s also possible that Killer Aqua-Bunnies are responsible.  They’re bunnies who have gills and flippers instead of feet, but they still have the same body plan as a rabbit so all they can do is keep swimming in circles head over heels… they’re FREAKS, and that’s what makes them so angry and dangerous.  WE MUST WARN THE WORLD ABOUT THEM!

That’s possible too.  In fact my explanation is more likely, since the Killer Aqua-Bunnies obviously do exist.

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