Following on from my last post, obviously more people need to be made aware of the threat of Killer Aqua-Bunnies.  Forget the NWO and any stuff you’ve heard about lizard people – THIS IS THE REAL DEAL, PEOPLE!  THEY ARE OUT THERE, AND OUT TO DESTROY US!

So, I’ve started to make-up a list of all the facts that are known about them.  It’s shocking that none of this is more common knowledge, but that’s likely because of how expertly the Killer Aqua-Bunnies have manipulated our perception.  There are just a few brave souls who have risked their lives to uncover the truth, and some of what now know may send chills down your spine and shock you to the very core of your being.  But you need to wake up, sheeple!

Here are facts 1 – 9 :

# 1 – Never approach a Killer Aqua-Bunny at night, during the day, week or weekend, or AT ANY TIME.  Killer Aqua-Bunnies are freaks who harbour nothing but bile and hatred for the world around them and will always attack when they know they’ve been seen.

# 2 – THE WATER IS THEIR DOMAIN.  Granted, they can’t navigate it very well, but still… best to stay out just in case.

# 3 – Killer Aqua-Bunnies assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand.  Indeed, the outbreak of many wars throughout history have been orchestrated by Killer Aqua-Bunnies hoping to lead humanity to its own destruction.

# 4 – Ghosts and lots of other unexplained phenomena are actually Killer Aqua-Bunnies using holographic technology to confuse you, because they think it’s funny.

# 5 – Killer Aqua-Bunnies have a base underneath The White House.  At night, Killer Aqua-Bunnies have been known to sneak in and whisper things into the President’s ear like ‘you are the one true god and king…’   They engage in similar activities all over the world.

# 6 – Killer Aqua-Bunnies produce a lot of reality television, hoping it will lead humanity to just give up and nuke itself.

# 7 – Atlantis was sunk by Killer Aqua-Bunnies.  Originally, they were bred there as pets, but they quickly turned on their masters.

# 8 – Zooey Deschanel is actually a Killer Aqua-Bunny in disguise.

# 9 – So is Neil Patrick Harris.


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