Is there anything about The Little Queen you would change now?

Yes.  Lots.  That’s the short answer, but a longer one will follow.

So in terms of publication, I kind of got over excited when I was nearing the end of writing and rushed it out.  It turns out it wasn’t properly proofread and there were a lot of errors.  I guess in the back of my mind figured only a few people would download the ebook since I wasn’t really marketing it very much so I’d be able to update and fix all the errors as I found them.  I was very wrong about everything, and now I know what a chore it is to get updates sent through Amazon/Kindle.  The positive side of that I suppose is that it encourages you to make sure you’ve really finished everything, all the proofreading and editing, before you put it out there, and I will be doing that in future.  I have fixed most of the errors (I updated it recently, although it was mostly little things like it’s/its, which is something Word keeps wanting to correct and I think about half the time gets it wrong).

In terms of the actual story, I’ve mentioned before I imposed a limit on myself of about seventy thousand words, and I think it ended up just under.  But this meant I stripped a lot of scenes down and some were cut out altogether.  The scene in Tenley’s house was meant to go on longer, for example, with Jen and Kay and then more people showing up, like Chance and Daramy, and being captured, and Ten getting increasingly agitated as she doesn’t know what to do with all these people, and them having to try to reason and get through to her.  At the beginning we were originally going to meet Kay working in the store and getting angry over people not knowing about music and then hammering the guy trying to bully her coworker.  And obviously we could have delved a lot more into Titania’s past, but there’ll possibly be another opportunity to do that in the future anyway.

Also, I still don’t like the introduction.  It was tacked on for two reasons.  Firstly, I was afraid that people would think it was a fantasy story about faeries rather than a science fiction.  But obviously it does pretty give everything away, but I was told not to be ambiguous with the first book.  Still, if anyone out there is about to read it, I would recommend not reading the introduction and skip straight to the prologue.

Obviously I must have sold it to people by now, so go buy my books.

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