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Tagged by @starlitesymphony. Here then are the first three lines of my WIP (well, four technically, but as one is only three words I figured I’d give a little extra):

Long ago, when days were long and the world was young, there were two girls. Both were dreamers. Jennifer dreamed of the night sky and of traveling everywhere covered by its shroud to uncover whatever mysteries sparkled there. Kaya’s dreams were filled with music and harmony, of waves of sound splitting a dark ocean to both shield and guide her to a better life.

That was the fairy-tale style Prologue. This is the first three lines of Chapter One:

Kaya Cade didn’t believe in fate or destiny or in messages given to her by any form of confectionery, and yet some things she knew were just inevitable. Whether it was due to her parents and upbringing, environment, genes, or some combination of all those things, the truth was she really had no choice in any of the decisions she made and so there was nothing anyone could have done to prevent her from punching that smug idiot in the face and ending up in the back of a police car. Her only regret about it was that she couldn’t afford a really good lawyer.

If anyone who sees this would like to share theirs, please do and let me know!

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