Word Search Tag Game

Rules: Search for X word in your WIP and post
the first sentence that comes up. If you can’t find the word then…
search for whichever one pleases you! Tag as many people as you want,
and choose a word for them to search in their WIP.

Tagged by @tcstu with the words
with the words embarassed and obvious. I actually couldn’t find embarassed, but I did find flustered:

“You always were a good person,” Kaya said, and she meant it. But Jennifer never took compliments much better than everything else, becoming more red faced and flustered.

And obvious:

Kaya had been arguing with the blonde who’d rescued them, Jennifer. Sayuri didn’t know what they’d been arguing about but Kaya’s frustration was obvious even though she was doing a commendable job holding it in. Now they were both looking to Sayuri silently asking her to elaborate.

(I also found I feel too many instances of ‘obviously’ which I’ll have to remember to change in the next draft).

As usual anyone who sees this feel free to add your own and let me know. Go for tenuous and humming if you like.

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