First Plays

Just looking back and recalling what the first games I ever played on each system that I own or have owned are, both because I’m feeling nostalgic and I’m thinking of doing a youtube channel as a way to promote the other stuff I’m doing.  I mean, I have a lot of crap so I might as well try and do something somewhat productive with it.  Not necessarily my favourite games or games I even liked at all, but the first I remember playing.

So, the first computer I remember having was a BBC Micro, so long ago that I don’t remember what the first game I played was, but I do remember Time Pilot and another side scrolling game where you flew along in a spaceship and bombed stuff.  And Monopoly… I played a lot of Monopoly on that.  I think we also had a text game based on a Jeffrey Archer novel, ‘Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less’.  I only remember the cover to that, which is probably just as well.

Then I got the Commodore 64.   Again, can’t quite recall what the first game was.  I bought it off a friend of my older brother and it came with a lot of games. It might have been Dizzy or one of the football manager games.

Then came the Sega Megadrive, and I remember the game I got with it was Alien Storm – a side scrolling blast ‘em up fighting aliens.  And there were these cool bits where it went into a first person mode and you just blasted the hell out of everything scrolling in front of you.  Sega CD it was Road Avenger, which I still remember the music from.  Never had a 32X.

Can’t remember the very first PC game, but on the first PC that I owned I remember my cousin came round and we played Space Hulk.

Sega Saturn… it was Daytona or Sega Rally.  Those were the games I played the most on that anyway.  Dreamcast it was Metropolis Street Racer I think.  I also played Soul Calibur a lot.

Then came the Playstation 2… I’d skipped the PS1 because I’d stayed loyal to Sega which obviously really worked out.  But the game I got with my first PS2 was I think Dave Mirra.

Xbox 360… I’d almost forgotten but suddenly remembered.  It was Star Ocean: The Last Hope.

Playstation 3 I again came to a little late and the first game was Alice: Madness Returns.  PS4 was obviously quite recent and I got a few games with it.  The first I had a go on was Need for Speed Rivals, then I went on to Assassin’s Creed IV.

Any I’ve missed… oh, the original Xbox I had as well.  Probably Halo was the first thing I played.  Phantasy Star Online was the game I played the most of on that though.  And Wii which I haven’t played on ages… The Force Unleashed.

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