I’ve spent a lot of this month playing Titan Quest Anniversary Edition, which is a sort of Diablo-esque style game I suppose (to be honest I’ve never played much Diablo since the first one many moons ago), but based on Greek mythology.  Although you end up travelling to Egypt and then to China as well (and running along the Great Wall, even though I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t have yet been built at the time this game seems to be set).

I choose this game because I am a fan of Greek Mythology… well I’m a fan of all mythology and folklore really.  If you read The Little Queen there are lots of little bits in that taken from British and Irish Fairy Tales (there’s a bit where a man tries to kill his family because he thinks they’ve been replaced by Changelings which is inspired by a real life incident in Ireland just over a century ago).  And the story I’m writing now is part Island of Doctor Moreau and part Jason and The Minotaur.

So yeah, I really like games that have a real classic mythological theme, especially RPG’s, but can’t find many of them.

EDIT:  It was Theseus and the Minotaur.  I’d just watched Jason and the Argonauts and my neurons crossed…

Apparently China’s Great Wall started being built in the 7th Century BC (and I’m guessing the game is set around 500 BC), as a series of fortifications that would later be joined together.  Most of the modern wall though was built during the Ming Dynasty.

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