I know we make fun of American actors usually having pretty shitty British accents, but funnily enough, it can also work the other way around. Granted, there are some British, Irish, and Australian actors with flawless American accents(of which there are several). But I watch a lot of British and Australian mystery series, and most of the time, the American accents range from ‘definitely off’ to ‘hilariously obvious’. The usual offender for that last one is anyone portrayed as being from the American South.

It’s almost always a Texan Oil Baron, and it’s always very silly.

Yeah I think much of the time they’re just trying to do an impression of someone they’ve heard in a movie or on TV.

I can only speak two accents – mine, and a Monty Python-esque Austrailian.  I can’t even do a very convincing Irish accent even though most of my family is Irish.  I guess it’s not enough to have heard it – it’s something you have to practice often.

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