“Your first draft won’t be perfect.” 

We’ve all heard this a million times, but it’s a hard concept to actively apply to our writing. 

Next time you feel like your writing (at any stage, not just first drafts) isn’t what you want it to be, try this out  —

Go to someone you trust, and tell them: 

This scene turned out nothing like I wanted it to, but that’s okay. I’ve already done the hardest part by writing this terrible version, and even if I continue to make mistakes as I edit and rewrite, it will slowly get better from here. I’m learning something new through this and I’m growing as a writer.” 

No more complaining to your author friends that your writing is awful and expecting them to pick your mood up. Go tell them your writing is awful and then tell them why that’s okay, and normal, and will work out in the end. I know you probably don’t believe it right now. But do it anyway.

It’ll get easier, slowly but surely.

Even if you don’t ever believe in yourself and your skill as a writer 24/7, developing a healthy way to cope with insecurity will always benefit you in the long run.

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