Apart from games, I have also catching up with a lot of TV shows recently.  Saw Jessica Jones and Stranger Things on Netflix.  They were excellent (also the third series of Black Mirror was very good).

But mainly it’s the DC TV shows I’ve had to catch up on.

The Flash is so far my favourite.  It avoids being too dark or taking itself too seriously like recent Batman movies, or Arrow, but without being really campy either.  Also guest stars from the casy of the nineties Flash series which is nice for people like me who actually remember that.

But speaking of Arrow… didn’t really like the last season very much.  Also, I’m tired of the constant flashbacks to his time on the island (or not on the island – he was actually going all over the world but for some reason kept going back to that damn island).  Just… come up with a new story telling device.  Please.  He was supposed to have been there five years and this is the fifth season, so if there are any more they surely can’t keep doing that anyway.  I hope.

Legends of Tomorrow is also fun like The Flash (although I could never get over Rory from Doctor Who being a Time Master).

And Supergirl… well Supergirl is actually the first show to surprise as I’d heard DC wanted to keep TV and movies seperate so I was prepared for Superman to never appear and only be talked about or the occasional glimpse of his cape.  But then he did (and also aren’t they making a Flash movie with a different cast from the TV show?  Or did I dream it?  Come to think of it I can’t remember why I ever thought or heard that DC movies characters couldn’t be on television).

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