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Relationship Status: Single.

Chapstick or Lipstick: Chapstick

Favorite Colors:  Blue and Polka Dot.

Last Movie I Saw: Probably something terrible on Netflix that I’ve since purged from my memory.

Top 3 TV Shows: Deep Space Nine, Red Dwarf, The Simpsons

Top 3 Bands/Artists: Don’t know if I really have a top three, so I’ll just list the three that get played the most at family events; Madness, Queen, and Paul Simon (there’s someone who keeps playing ‘You Can Call Me Al’ over and over, I think because one of my younger relatives is called Al. The theme song from The Life of Brian gets played a lot too).

Books I’m Currently Reading: ‘Discovering Scarfolk’ and
‘Edison’s Conquest of Mars’ (The later I have to write a thing about, the former is just for laughs).

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