A Fortnight of Questions #1

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Rules: Answer this question (and any previous questions you wish), and then tag as many or as few people as you feel like, between zero and infinity.

What is/are the most defining parts of your main character(s) appearance(s)? (Bonus points if there’s a story behind them or they have direct connection to the character’s personality.)

Jennifer Airhart – Looks fairly normal on the surface. She always wears blue and grey outfits (probably someone told her years ago that pale colors looked best on her on account of her fair hair and skin and it just stuck with her). The most defining thing about her is how her demeanor changes from being very furtive around most people, but growing a lot in confidence around people she knows quite well.

Kaya Cade – Dyes her hair any chance she gets. Red, blue, pink, rainbow – she’ll change it on a near daily basis if she can. Others have tried to see if there’s a pattern to what color she chooses but haven’t found any so far.

Tenley Tych – It’s her stare. She has very dark eyes and a knack for finding the right spot so that the reflections make it seem like stars and galaxies are swirling in them, like the whole universe is as angry as she is.

Titania – Can change all of her skin and hair pigments at will. Often her skin is covered in pulsing patterns, sometimes she changes color according to her mood. Usually her skin is white with black patterns like an ancient script flowing over it.

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