A few of my favourite things… Middle-Earth

Actually, what this thing is, is MERP – the Middle Earth Role Playing game.  Yes, it was a pen and paper roleplaying game set in Tolkien’s Middle-Earth, designed in the USA, produced in the UK by Games Workshop (don’t know what’s happened to them since).  All of this came in it’s own box originally, but boxes are apparently my mother’s sworn enemy as she also throws them away.  And there are some maps I assume are to do with this as they were stored together, and a whole bunch of character record sheets most of which have gone mouldy and yellow.

You know, I’ve never actually played this.  When I was young, the rules just seemed too complicated and I would have rather just played with my toys and computers.  Now I’m older and more patient, so dare I look inside and attempt to play it?  Hmmm… we’ll see.  I don’t know if I’ll need any dice, and possibly some other people who also have the patience to try it, so we’ll see.

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