A few of my favourite things… Dinosaurs (and other prehistoric tat)

I do miss my old Ladybird book of dinosaurs, but the Eyewitness Guide is great and brings back memories.  While on the other side, Dorling Kindersley also give us The Definitive Visual History of Life on Earth, which is a bold claim, and probably not true.  I mean, only a very small percentage of things end up fossilized and even then it’s hard to get a complete picture of what the thing looked like when it was alive.  When I was a boy, it wasn’t even known that many dinosaurs had feathers.  It may have been years and years and years ago, but people are still always finding new things out about dinos.

I remember a little while shopping for Walking With Dinosaurs on Blu-Ray but not finding it.  Just the DVD’s, except for the Sea Monsters specials, which I couldn’t find in the UK at all.  I ended up getting a Dutch version, but now I can enjoy Nigel Marven stomping about in prehistory with no regard for little things like paradoxes.  Oh, and if you thought security in Jurassic Park was lax, wait until you see the total lack of $%^&s given in Marven’s Prehistoric Park… so a few folk might lose limbs… it’s a badge of honour for naturalists.

I don’t know what that spiky dinosaur is supposed to be.  I thought it was a Stegosaurus, but it seems to have a couple of forward facing spikes just above its front legs.  Maybe its something that will appear in the next Jurassic World movie.

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