82% of 138 Women Agree… with what?


I was watching some TV (which I don’t do so often; I usually watch shows online), when a commercial came on.  Don’t remember what the product was, some laser anti-aging thing I think, but I was intrigued by a caption during the advert.  It just said something like ‘82% of 138 women agree’.

Doesn’t specify what they agreed with.  Could have been they agreed it was a good product, but it could have been something entirely unrelated, like ‘82% of 138 women agree Picard is the best captain – fact’. Except 82% of 138 is 113.16… so, there was one woman who only .16 of her agreed with whatever random question they were asked?  The sock puppet on her left hand agreed, but the rest of her said no?  Or 84% of each woman they asked agreed, it was just their hands and mouths that didn’t?

It’s a worthless statistic that doesn’t really convey any information, but you see them a lot in commercials.

I saw it again. This time in a Maybelline commercial, with the astonishing claim that ‘77% of 106 Agree’.  Or 81.62 people agreed.  With something.  Apparently.

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