Worldbuilding June Day 8: The Bensalan Council

I’m spoiling things a little, since Bensala isn’t actually seen in Asterion, but it’s the first time we hear about it and so I might as well share some of the background details.

The rest of the world is contemporary, with Presidents and Prime Ministers and constitutional monarchs.  Bensala is essentially a Theocracy, with the leaders of various houses devoted to gods of science, nature and war meeting regularly, slthough on the surface it would seem the Bensalans are not a religious people and most of this is symbolic.  The house leaders are usually considered the most learned and wise, and so best qualified to lead the small nation.

All laws and projects however also have to be approved by a citizen’s council as well.  Annually, twenty eligible citizens are selected by lottery for a seat on this council.  This method is thought to limit the chances of corruption or of special interest groups holding too much influence.  However, lately there has been growing tension between the two councils.

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