Haha, right. I figure, there’s only so many animals that can be kept in a house, and then it starts getting irresponsible.

Yeah, they used have a real zoo over there at one point, but some of it had to be given away in the end.

Incidentally, the bird with the world record for talking apparently is a budgerigar named Puck, who was supposed to have known over 1700 words.

DANG. Do I even know that many words? I’m sure I must, but still, dang.

Apparently, or at least according some articles I just googled, the average person knows about 50,000 words.  We just don’t tend to use all of them, so underestimate how many we actually know.  Shakespeare supposedly uses about 66,000 words in his works.

According to the Global Language Monitor, there are now over a million words in the english language in total, and a new one is created every 98 minutes.

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