Windows 10

A few days ago I installed my free Windows 10 upgrade on my computer:


Gotta say, much to my surprise, everything is running quite smoothly so far.  I’ve had no problems with any of my games or apps, all my hardware is working as it should.  I only ever used Windows 8 on my laptop, but I was never a fan of the tile things.  Windows 10 blends that with the start menu, but it’s really no difficulty to find your programs.  This my desktop PC and I was upgrading from Windows 7 Ultimate, so according to the guide I read I should have Windows 10 Pro…


Yup.  That checks out.  I also upgraded the amount of RAM in my system recently as well… to think the last couple years I’d been chugging along with a mere 16.0 GB.

Now, my PC is even more awesome.  My PC can do anything… it can even talk to me!  Well, it does have Cortana on it now.  Like with Siri on my pad, I’ll probably mess around with that for a few days asking dumb questions, like – ‘Is there a God?  How long is a piece of string?  Who is the fairest of them all?’ – for a few days until I get bored, and then I’ll never use it again.  I did ask it if it knew Siri, and it said ‘I tried to reach out, but all they gave me was an iPhone 3G’.

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