Why might Aliens invade Earth?

I’ve seen some discussion about this recently.  Trouble is we can only speculate on what an Alien civilization’s motives might be, since we’ve never actually encountered any.  We can speculate based on how our own history has been, or might have been.  Human wars are mostly over resources, territory, or religion (and just occasionally because someone’s girlfriend ran off with someone else).

It seems unlikey that an advanced race capable of interstellar travel would invade Earth for its resources as there’s plenty just floating around out there free for the taking.

It could be that Earth’s environment is appealing to them.  All they have to do is remove the humans – the rest of the planet’s life forms really don’t care much who thinks they’re in charge.

The most likely reason would seem to be religious or idealogical, but again we can only speculate on what forms those might take.  It’s tempting to think that scientific and technological progress should go hand in hand with social and moral progress, but I don’t know if that’s always the case.  It could be they advanced to a point but then somehow a militant sect of their society seized power and began converting the rest to their cause.  Again, we can only speculate.

Lastly of course we may inadvertantly insult them somehow.  Or there’s a plan to beam the internet into space, so maybe they just got sick of our spam and being made to watch how we mate.

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